Burglary And Theft Attorney

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Burglary Is A Serious Crime

burglary and theft picBurglary is a felony. Felonies are serious business in Texas, with sentences ranging up to life imprisonment. Burglary is classified as the burglary of a building or burglary of a habitation. The charge for burglary of a habitation is more serious. Other factors, such as possession of a weapon, increase the seriousness of the charge.

Any Theft Conviction May Result In A Criminal Record

Many theft crimes, such as shoplifting and bouncing checks, may not seem very serious. But with a rise in such crimes, many prosecutors now zealously prosecute these cases. Maybe you did not realize that merchandise in your possession was stolen, but you are charged with theft anyway. Whether you borrowed a car without the owner’s permission or had a misunderstanding over who owned certain personal property, prosecutors are becoming more serious about pursuing suspects in theft crimes.

Theft Crimes: Definition And Penalties

The Texas Penal Code defines theft as taking someone else’s property without consent, either by deception or physically stealing it. Punishment for the criminal charge of theft in Texas generally depends on the value of the item stolen and can range from a misdemeanor fine to a felony with a prison sentence in extreme cases. No matter how minor the theft charge, you may now have a permanent criminal record. It is worth your best efforts to avoid this outcome.

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