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Disposing of the estate of a loved one isn’t something people do very often. most people have never been involved in probating an estate before and they don’t know where to begin. That’s okay. We do, and we’re here to help.

Dallas lawyer Q. Lynn Johnson provides caring and confidential legal help to guide you through the probate and estate administration process.  Our probate lawyer will assist you in performing your legal duties while relieving your stress and worries. Call our law office at 214-552-1349 for a free phone consultation.

There are many good reasons you should choose to work with a probate attorney: Probate administration involves a lot of details. Everything needs to be done right and in a certain order or you could end up in court with unhappy heirs or an unsatisfied probate judge.

  • As an executor, personal representative, or an administrator you are legally responsible for ensuring the estate is handled properly. You can be held legally liable.
  • An executor or administrator is often a close friend or family member of the deceased, which means you will be doing this work at a time when you are grieving. Some people find it emotionally and mentally difficult to do this work alone and working under the guidance of a lawyer gives them peace of mind.
  • You may be living in another state and now need to handle the affairs of someone who died in Texas. Having a local legal representative who can do the legwork for you will be invaluable.

The Texas Probate and Estate Administration Process

Probating an estate involves many time sensitive dates that our law office can help you meet. The process includes:

  • Submitting the Will to probate court
  • Identifying and valuing the assets of the estate
  • Identifying all outstanding debts of the estate, as well as collecting money owed
  • Identifying and locating heirs
  • Paying outstanding debts
  • Distributing assets according to the Will
  • Filing tax documents
  • Filing required court documents

If the deceased had a Trust, the process is a little different. The Trust will go into effect and assets will be transferred to the management of the appointed Trustee. If a Trustee is no longer able to do the task, a new Trustee will need to be appointed. We assist Trustees and beneficiaries in understanding their roles and rights under the terms of a Trust.

Texas Probate Litigation

If a problem arises  such as a dispute with a Will or a Trust, you may need to bring a case to court to ask a probate judge to make a decision. Our probate litigation attorney handles court cases on behalf of personal representatives, beneficiaries and heirs, and trustees.

Let Us Guide You Seamlessly Through the Probate Process

Contact our Texas probate law firm for a free phone consultation. Learn more about how we can help you through the process of probate or estate administration. We work with clients in the Dallas metroplex, as well as out-of-state representatives who need to probate a Texas estate.

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