Don’t Let An Assault Charge Ruin Your Life — Get The Legal Help You Need

Assault is a serious crime that can have significant consequences. If you have assault charges pending, it is important that you choose an assault attorney who will take immediate action to make certain your rights are protected.

The Law Offices of Q. Lynn Johnson, PLLC, can fight for your rights in any type of assault case, including family and domestic violence, aggravated assault and assault with a deadly weapon. We also defend against related charges of terroristic threats, harassment and stalking.

The Consequences Of An Assault Conviction

Sentences in assault cases range from fines to jail time. The consequences depend on your case and how Texas law is applied. Consequences are more serious when a weapon is used or when serious injury results. Assault charges are a criminal defense matter that demands an aggressive defense. A conviction remains on your record forever, with collateral consequences such as limited job opportunities, denial of certain licenses and inability to rent. We strive to prevent these consequences for our clients.

Factors That Influence The Outcome Of Your Assault Case

Your lawyer must carefully examine the facts and laws that pertain to your case. Your assault case may be won based on:

  • Who started the fight: Police spend little time trying to sort out who started a fight, particularly in a bar fight. Were you merely acting in self defense to protect yourself?
  • Whether there are any witnesses: In some assault cases, particularly family and domestic assault, there are no witnesses. It is a case of he said, she said.
  • Whether alcohol was involved: Alcohol is involved in many assault cases. Were you allegedly intoxicated? Was the victim intoxicated? This fact may play a role.

For the best chances at a favorable outcome in your Texas assault case, get an attorney experienced in assault charges. It is important to get their advice and advocacy on your side as soon as you can. You deserve to know your options. Your freedom and your future are worth fighting for.

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