Accused Of Domestic Violence Or Family Violence?

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When allegations of domestic violence arise between family members or couples, the law often gets involved. The accused can face serious assault charges even if the victim does not wish to prosecute. You need an experienced and dedicated family violence attorney on your side if you are caught in a case of this type.

At the Law Offices of Q. Lynn Johnson, PLLC, we know domestic and family violence cases can be complex. Our goal is getting the best possible results in these difficult cases. Defense lawyer Q. Lynn Johnson is available and eager to hear about your situation. Do not hesitate to contact us for information.

Family Violence Vs. Domestic Violence: What Is The Difference?

Family violence and domestic violence are similar concepts applied to different combinations of people. These charges differ based on the relationship between the accused and accuser:

  • Under Texas law, family violence is violence between intimate partners such as a boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife, or domestic partners.
  • Also under Texas law, domestic violence includes violence between other family members, including brothers and sisters, children and parents, or roommates.

Whatever charges you face in a domestic situation, for best results, you need experienced, and reliable advocacy as soon as possible. Quick legal action after a criminal arrest may keep the accused out of jail and provide opportunities for putting the legal problem behind you so you can focus on other life challenges.

Have You Been Targeted By False Allegations Of Family Violence Or Domestic Violence?

An experienced criminal defense attorney knows that assault family violence and domestic violence cases often involve false allegations or exaggerated accusations. We often see cases in which accusations have been made out of anger or revenge. Accusations may also be made by one parent against another in an attempt to gain child custody during a divorce. We know how to get to the truth and protect your innocence if you have been falsely accused.

You Deserve To Know Your Options

Even if it seems as though the odds are against you, you may be surprised at the options available. For example, you may be eligible to take anger management classes in exchange for having your family or domestic violence case dismissed, or for having it reduced to a Class C ticket. We are aware of all available options. Do not plead guilty without consulting an attorney first.

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